Micron patents granted on 16 September 2008

13 US patents granted on 16 September 2008 and assigned to Micron

1 7,426,148 Method and apparatus for identifying short circuits in an integrated circuit device
2 7,425,847 Input buffer with optimal biasing and method thereof
3 7,425,839 Systems and methods for testing packaged microelectronic devices
4 7,425,758 Metal core foldover package structures
5 7,425,742 NAND flash cell structure
6 7,425,507 Semiconductor substrates including vias of nonuniform cross section, methods of forming and associated structures
7 7,425,499 Methods for forming interconnects in vias and microelectronic workpieces including such interconnects
8 7,425,491 Nanowire transistor with surrounding gate
9 7,425,472 Semiconductor fuses and semiconductor devices containing the same
10 7,425,470 Microelectronic component assemblies employing lead frames having reduced-thickness inner lengths
11 7,425,463 Stacked die package for peripheral and center device pad layout device
12 7,425,462 Methods relating to the reconstruction of semiconductor wafers for wafer-level processing
13 7,425,461 Photon amplification for image sensors