Micron patents granted on 17 August 2010

16 US patents granted on 17 August 2010 and assigned to Micron

1 7,779,212 Method and apparatus for sending data from multiple sources over a communications bus
2 7,778,812 Selecting data to verify in hardware device model simulation test generation
3 7,778,092 Memory system and method having volatile and non-volatile memory devices at same hierarchical level
4 7,778,086 Erase operation control sequencing apparatus, systems, and methods
5 7,778,039 Substrates, systems, and devices including structures for suppressing power and ground plane noise, and methods for suppressing power and ground plane noise
6 7,777,287 System and apparatus providing analytical device based on solid state image sensor
7 7,777,264 Random access memory device utilizing a vertically oriented select transistor
8 7,776,765 Tantalum silicon oxynitride high-k dielectrics and metal gates
9 7,776,762 Zirconium-doped tantalum oxide films
10 7,776,749 Methods of forming semiconductor constructions
11 7,776,744 Pitch multiplication spacers and methods of forming the same
12 7,776,715 Reverse construction memory cell
13 7,776,683 Integrated circuit fabrication
14 7,776,652 Methods for stacking wire-bonded integrated circuit dice on flip-chip bonded integrated circuit dice
15 7,776,647 Semiconductor components and methods of fabrication with circuit side contacts, conductive vias and backside conductors
16 7,775,710 DRAM temperature management system