Micron patents granted on 17 February 2009

19 US patents granted on 17 February 2009 and assigned to Micron

1 7,493,442 Multiple segment data object management
2 7,492,652 Apparatus and method for repairing a semiconductor memory
3 7,492,376 Graphics resampling system and method for use thereof
4 7,492,287 Two-bit tri-level forced transition encoding
5 7,492,196 Low injection charge pump
6 7,492,086 Low work function emitters and method for production of FED’s
7 7,492,042 Integrated circuit cooling and insulating device and method
8 7,492,039 Assemblies and multi-chip modules including stacked semiconductor dice having centrally located, wire bonded bond pads
9 7,492,030 Techniques to create low K ILD forming voids between metal lines
10 7,492,027 Reduced crosstalk sensor and method of formation
11 7,491,995 DRAM with nanofin transistors
12 7,491,963 Non-volatile memory structure
13 7,491,962 Resistance variable memory device with nanoparticle electrode and method of fabrication
14 7,491,650 Etch compositions and methods of processing a substrate
15 7,491,641 Method of forming a conductive line and a method of forming a conductive contact adjacent to and insulated from a conductive line
16 7,491,636 Methods for forming flexible column die interconnects and resulting structures
17 7,491,608 Vertical transistor with horizontal gate layers
18 7,491,602 Structures and methods for improved capacitor cells in integrated circuits
19 7,491,570 Die package having an adhesive flow restriction area