Micron patents granted on 17 July 2007

26 US patents granted on 17 July 2007 and assigned to Micron

1 7,245,785 Suppression of ringing artifacts during image resizing
2 7,245,553 Memory system and method for strobing data, command and address signals
3 7,245,551 Read command triggered synchronization circuitry
4 7,245,550 Memory array decoder
5 7,245,548 Techniques for reducing leakage current in memory devices
6 7,245,541 Active termination control
7 7,245,540 Controller for delay locked loop circuits
8 7,245,538 High voltage generation and regulation circuit in a memory device
9 7,245,321 Readout circuit with gain and analog-to-digital conversion for image sensor
10 7,245,320 Method and apparatus for automatic gain and exposure control for maintaining target image brightness in video imager systems
11 7,245,300 Architecture for real-time texture look-up’s for volume rendering
12 7,245,145 Memory module and method having improved signal routing topology
13 7,245,136 Methods of processing a workpiece, methods of communicating signals with respect to a wafer, and methods of communicating signals within a workpiece processing apparatus
14 7,245,010 System and device including a barrier layer
15 7,244,987 NROM flash memory devices on ultrathin silicon
16 7,244,981 Scalable high performance non-volatile memory cells using multi-mechanism carrier transport
17 7,244,918 Method and apparatus providing a two-way shared storage gate on a four-way shared pixel
18 7,244,682 Methods of removing metal-containing materials
19 7,244,681 Methods for selective removal of material from wafer alignment marks
20 7,244,678 Methods for planarization of Group VIII metal-containing surfaces using complexing agents
21 7,244,665 Wafer edge ring structures and methods of formation
22 7,244,663 Wafer reinforcement structure and methods of fabrication
23 7,244,659 Integrated circuits and methods of forming a field effect transistor
24 7,244,648 Methods of forming semiconductor constructions
25 7,244,646 Pixel design to improve photodiode capacitance and method of forming same
26 7,244,637 Chip on board and heat sink attachment methods