Micron patents granted on 17 July 2012

18 US patents granted on 17 July 2012 and assigned to Micron

1 8,225,052 Methods for controlling host memory access with memory devices and systems
2 8,225,042 Method and apparatus for preventing foreground erase operations in electrically writable memory devices
3 8,225,033 Data storage system, electronic system, and telecommunications system
4 8,225,019 SATA mass storage device emulation on a PCIe interface
5 8,223,583 Row addressing
6 8,223,574 Techniques for block refreshing a semiconductor memory device
7 8,223,561 Data line management in a memory device
8 8,223,555 Multiple level program verify in a memory device
9 8,223,551 Soft landing for desired program threshold voltage
10 8,223,549 NAND flash memory programming
11 8,223,539 GCIB-treated resistive device
12 8,223,537 State machine sensing of memory cells
13 8,222,727 Conductive structures for microfeature devices and methods for fabricating microfeature devices
14 8,222,127 Methods of forming structures having nanotubes extending between opposing electrodes and structures including same
15 8,222,105 Methods of fabricating a memory device
16 8,222,102 Methods of forming field effect transistors, pluralities of field effect transistors, and DRAM circuitry comprising a plurality of individual memory cells
17 8,221,642 Methods for removing dielectric materials
18 8,221,557 Systems and methods for exposing semiconductor workpieces to vapors for through-hole cleaning and/or other processes