Micron patents granted on 17 June 2014

19 US patents granted on 17 June 2014 and assigned to Micron

1 8,756,486 Method and apparatus for repairing high capacity/high bandwidth memory devices
2 8,756,484 Design, decoding and optimized implementation of SECDED codes over GF(q)
3 8,756,481 Multiple-level memory cells and error detection
4 8,756,400 Memory address translation
5 8,755,247 System and method for processing signals in high speed DRAM
6 8,755,229 Limiting flash memory over programming
7 8,754,795 Integrators for delta-sigma modulators
8 8,754,695 Methods, integrated circuits, apparatuses and buffers with adjustable drive strength
9 8,754,683 Locked-loop quiescence apparatus, systems, and methods
10 8,754,537 Build-up package for integrated circuit devices, and methods of making same
11 8,754,463 High density NOR flash array architecture
12 8,754,443 High density thyristor random access memory device and method
13 8,754,424 Discontinuous patterned bonds for semiconductor devices and associated systems and methods
14 8,753,981 Microelectronic devices with through-silicon vias and associated methods of manufacturing
15 8,753,974 Charge dissipation of cavities
16 8,753,949 Nonvolatile memory cells and methods of forming nonvolatile memory cells
17 8,753,933 Methods for forming a conductive material, methods for selectively forming a conductive material, methods for forming platinum, and methods for forming conductive structures
18 8,753,919 Memory cells and methods of forming memory cells
19 8,753,738 Registered structure formation via the application of directed thermal energy to diblock copolymer films