Micron patents granted on 17 May 2016

32 US patents granted on 17 May 2016 and assigned to Micron

1 RE46,005 Method and apparatus for enabling a timing synchronization circuit
2 9,345,135 Electronic devices including two or more substrates electrically connected together and methods of forming such electronic devices
3 9,344,345 Memory cells having a self-aligning polarizer
4 9,343,677 GCIB-treated resistive device
5 9,343,676 Heating phase change material
6 9,343,674 Cross-point memory utilizing Ru/Si diode
7 9,343,671 Memory cells having heaters with angled sidewalls
8 9,343,670 Memory arrays and methods of forming same
9 9,343,669 Semiconductor structures and devices including conductive lines and peripheral conductive pads
10 9,343,665 Methods of forming a non-volatile resistive oxide memory cell and methods of forming a non-volatile resistive oxide memory array
11 9,343,506 Memory arrays with polygonal memory cells having specific sidewall orientations
12 9,343,479 Three-dimensional devices having reduced contact length
13 9,343,462 Thyristor-based memory cells, devices and systems including the same and methods for forming the same
14 9,343,368 Disabling electrical connections using pass-through 3D interconnects and associated systems and methods
15 9,343,362 Microelectronic devices with through-silicon vias and associated methods of manufacturing
16 9,343,317 Methods of forming silicon-containing dielectric materials and semiconductor device structures
17 9,343,316 Methods of forming memory cells with air gaps and other low dielectric constant materials
18 9,343,184 Soft post package repair of memory devices
19 9,343,180 Switched interface for stacked-die memory architecture with redundancy for substituting defective memory cells
20 9,343,173 Semiconductor device and control method of the same
21 9,343,169 Architecture and method for memory programming
22 9,343,168 Multiple step programming in a memory device
23 9,343,155 Memory as a programmable logic device
24 9,343,149 Enhancing nucleation in phase-change memory cells
25 9,343,146 Apparatuses and methods for low power current mode sense amplification
26 9,343,145 Memory cells, memory cell programming methods, memory cell reading methods, memory cell operating methods, and memory devices
27 9,343,133 Apparatuses and methods for setting a signal in variable resistance memory
28 9,343,116 Providing power availability information to memory
29 9,343,114 Memory arrays and methods of forming electrical contacts
30 9,342,443 Systems and methods for memory system management based on thermal information of a memory system
31 9,342,371 Boot partitions in memory devices and systems
32 9,341,787 Apparatus providing simplified alignment of optical fiber in photonic integrated circuits