Micron patents granted on 17 October 2006

41 US patents granted on 17 October 2006 and assigned to Micron

1 7,124,384 Capacitor layout technique for reduction of fixed pattern noise in a CMOS sensor
2 7,124,260 Modified persistent auto precharge command protocol system and method for memory devices
3 7,124,256 Memory device for burst or pipelined operation with mode selection circuitry
4 7,124,223 Routability for memory devices
5 7,124,050 Method in an integrated circuit (IC) manufacturing process for identifying and redirecting IC’s mis-processed during their manufacture
6 7,123,541 Memory with address management
7 7,123,530 AC sensing for a resistive memory
8 7,123,525 Phase detector for all-digital phase locked and delay locked loops
9 7,123,522 Method and apparatus for achieving low power consumption during power down
10 7,123,521 Random cache read
11 7,123,516 Erase verify for nonvolatile memory using bitline/reference current-to-voltage converters
12 7,123,513 Erase verify for non-volatile memory using a reference current-to-voltage converter
13 7,123,512 Contiguous block addressing scheme
14 7,123,503 Writing to ferroelectric memory devices
15 7,123,148 Wireless communication devices, radio frequency identification devices, radio frequency identification device communication systems, wireless communication methods, and radio frequency identification device communication methods
16 7,123,046 Apparatus for adaptively adjusting a data receiver
17 7,123,042 Methods, apparatus and systems for wafer-level burn-in stressing of semiconductor devices
18 7,123,036 Test method for electronic modules
19 7,122,908 Electronic device package
20 7,122,907 Interposer substrate and wafer scale interposer substrate member for use with flip-chip configured semiconductor dice
21 7,122,906 Die-wafer package and method of fabricating same
22 7,122,905 Microelectronic devices and methods for mounting microelectronic packages to circuit boards
23 7,122,829 Probe look ahead: testing parts not currently under a probehead
24 7,122,819 Method and apparatus for imager die package quality testing
25 7,122,480 Method of plasma etching a substrate
26 7,122,475 Methods for using bi-modal abrasive slurries for mechanical and chemical-mechanical planarization of microelectronic-device substrate assemblies
27 7,122,464 Systems and methods of forming refractory metal nitride layers using disilazanes
28 7,122,453 Methods of patterning radiation, methods of forming radiation-patterning tools, and radiation-patterning tools
29 7,122,425 Methods of forming semiconductor constructions
30 7,122,422 Methods of forming capacitors
31 7,122,420 Methods of recessing conductive material and methods of forming capacitor constructions
32 7,122,411 SOI device with reduced drain induced barrier lowering
33 7,122,408 Photodiode with ultra-shallow junction for high quantum efficiency CMOS image sensor and method of formation
34 7,122,404 Techniques for packaging a multiple device component
35 7,122,390 Methods of fabrication for flip-chip image sensor packages
36 7,122,389 Method for processing semiconductor devices in a singulated form
37 7,121,926 Methods for planarization of group VIII metal-containing surfaces using a fixed abrasive article
38 7,121,921 Methods for planarizing microelectronic workpieces
39 7,121,919 Chemical mechanical polishing system and process
40 7,121,860 Pinch-style support contact, method of enabling electrical communication with and supporting an IC package, and socket including same
41 7,120,999 Methods of forming a contact array in situ on a substrate