Micron patents granted on 18 January 2011

13 US patents granted on 18 January 2011 and assigned to Micron

1 7,873,882 Circuits and methods for repairing defects in memory devices
2 7,872,926 Input buffer and method with AC positive feedback, and a memory device and computer system using same
3 7,872,924 Multi-phase duty-cycle corrected clock signal generator and memory having same
4 7,872,923 Low voltage sensing scheme having reduced active power down standby current
5 7,872,920 Word line drivers in non-volatile memory device and method having a shared power bank and processor-based systems using same
6 7,872,912 M+N bit programming and M+L bit read for M bit memory cells
7 7,872,911 Non-volatile multilevel memory cells with data read of reference cells
8 7,872,682 Eclipse elimination by monitoring the pixel signal level
9 7,872,676 Methods, systems, and devices for offset compensation in CMOC imagers
10 7,872,507 Delay lines, methods for delaying a signal, and delay lock loops
11 7,872,332 Interconnect structures for stacked dies, including penetrating structures for through-silicon vias, and associated systems and methods
12 7,872,284 Pixel with strained silicon layer for improving carrier mobility and blue response in imagers
13 7,871,911 Methods for fabricating semiconductor device structures