Micron patents granted on 18 November 2014

20 US patents granted on 18 November 2014 and assigned to Micron

1 RE45,248 Cascaded connection matrices in a distributed cross-connection system
2 8,892,986 Apparatuses and methods for combining error coding and modulation schemes
3 8,892,985 Decoding and optimized implementation of SECDED codes over GF(q)
4 8,892,969 Apparatus, methods, and system of NAND defect management
5 8,892,844 Methods of accessing memory cells, methods of distributing memory requests, systems, and memory controllers
6 8,892,828 Apparatuses and methods for storing validity masks and operating apparatuses
7 8,891,899 Methods, systems and apparatuses for pixel value correction using multiple vertical and/or horizontal correction curves
8 8,891,685 Reference voltage generator for single-ended communication systems
9 8,891,517 Switching device
10 8,891,321 Outputting a particular data quantization from memory
11 8,891,319 Verify or read pulse for phase change memory and switch
12 8,891,309 Reducing read failure in a memory device
13 8,891,305 Apparatuses and methods involving accessing distributed sub-blocks of memory cells
14 8,891,297 Memory cell sensing
15 8,891,280 Interconnection for memory electrodes
16 8,889,559 Methods of forming a pattern on a substrate
17 8,889,558 Methods of forming a pattern on a substrate
18 8,889,538 Methods of forming diodes
19 8,889,520 Bipolar junction transistors, memory arrays, and methods of forming bipolar junction transistors and memory arrays
20 8,889,020 Process for improving critical dimension uniformity of integrated circuit arrays