Micron patents granted on 18 October 2011

14 US patents granted on 18 October 2011 and assigned to Micron

1 8,042,022 Method, system, and apparatus for distributed decoding during prolonged refresh
2 8,042,012 Systems and devices including memory with built-in self test and methods of making and using the same
3 8,040,753 System and method for capturing data signals using a data strobe signal
4 8,040,732 NAND memory device column charging
5 8,039,882 High gain, low noise photodiode for image sensors and method of formation
6 8,039,881 Deuterated structures for image sensors and methods for forming the same
7 8,039,399 Methods of forming patterns utilizing lithography and spacers
8 8,039,377 Semiconductor constructions
9 8,039,357 Integrated circuitry and methods of forming a semiconductor-on-insulator substrate
10 8,039,348 Vertical gated access transistor
11 8,039,340 Methods of forming an array of memory cells, methods of forming a plurality of field effect transistors, methods of forming source/drain regions and isolation trenches, and methods of forming a series of spaced trenches into a substrate
12 8,039,327 Transistor forming methods
13 8,039,300 Reproducible resistance variable insulating memory devices and methods for forming same
14 8,039,287 Method of forming high gain, low noise, photodiode sensor for image sensors