Micron patents granted on 18 October 2016

15 US patents granted on 18 October 2016 and assigned to Micron

1 9,473,146 Apparatuses and methods for low power counting circuits
2 9,472,663 N-type field effect transistors, arrays comprising N-type vertically-oriented transistors, methods of forming an N-type field effect transistor, and methods of forming an array comprising vertically-oriented N-type transistors
3 9,472,560 Memory cell and an array of memory cells
4 9,472,542 DRAM arrays, semiconductor constructions and DRAM array layouts
5 9,472,518 Semiconductor structures including carrier wafers and methods of using such semiconductor structures
6 9,472,461 Double gated 4F2 dram CHC cell and methods of fabricating the same
7 9,472,287 Local self-boost using a plurality of cut-off cells on a single side of a string of memory cells
8 9,472,265 Apparatuses and methods for performing logical operations using sensing circuitry
9 9,472,264 Semiconductor memory device having sense amplifier
10 9,472,253 Semiconductor device including spiral data path
11 9,472,252 Apparatuses and methods for improving retention performance of hierarchical digit lines
12 9,472,244 Apparatus power control
13 9,471,425 Data conditioning to improve flash memory reliability
14 9,471,290 Utilizing special purpose elements to implement a FSM
15 9,471,087 Apparatuses and methods for providing clock signals