Micron patents granted on 19 April 2016

19 US patents granted on 19 April 2016 and assigned to Micron

1 9,319,349 Encapsulation enabled PCIE virtualisation
2 9,318,699 Resistive memory cell structures and methods
3 9,318,493 Memory arrays, semiconductor constructions, and methods of forming semiconductor constructions
4 9,318,438 Semiconductor structures comprising at least one through-substrate via filled with conductive materials
5 9,318,430 Stack of horizontally extending and vertically overlapping features, methods of forming circuitry components, and methods of forming an array of memory cells
6 9,318,416 Semiconductor device including conductive layer with conductive plug
7 9,318,394 Apparatus and methods for through substrate via test
8 9,318,321 Methods of fabricating memory devices having charged species
9 9,318,220 Memory cell coupling compensation
10 9,318,211 Apparatuses and methods including memory array data line selection
11 9,318,205 Mapping between program states and data patterns
12 9,318,200 Methods and apparatuses including a string of memory cells having a first select transistor coupled to a second select transistor
13 9,318,199 Partial page memory operations
14 9,318,187 Method and apparatus for sensing in a memory
15 9,318,173 Apparatuses and methods for measuring an electrical characteristic of a model signal line and providing measurement information
16 9,318,157 Stacked device detection and identification
17 9,317,459 Memory device distributed controller system
18 9,317,450 Security protection for memory content of processor main memory
19 9,315,609 Thermal anneal of block copolymer films with top interface constrained to wet both blocks with equal preference