Micron patents granted on 19 February 2013

16 US patents granted on 19 February 2013 and assigned to Micron

1 8,381,076 Variable sector-count ECC
2 8,381,059 Error correction and recovery in chained memory architectures
3 8,380,916 Control of page access in memory
4 8,380,914 Extended address mode for serial flash memory
5 8,379,469 Integrated circuit memory operation apparatus and methods
6 8,379,461 Program and sense operations in a non-volatile memory device
7 8,379,448 Memory with interleaved read and redundant columns
8 8,379,446 Memory controller self-calibration for removing systemic influence
9 8,379,442 Memory device and method having charge level assignments selected to minimize signal coupling
10 8,378,446 Semiconductor device isolation structures
11 8,378,430 Transistors having argon gate implants and methods of forming the same
12 8,378,412 Memory arrays where a distance between adjacent memory cells at one end of a substantially vertical portion is greater than a distance between adjacent memory cells at an opposing end of the substantially vertical portion and formation thereof
13 8,377,819 Contact formation
14 8,377,718 Methods of forming a crystalline Pr.sub.1-xCa.sub.xMnO.sub.3 (PCMO) material and methods of forming semiconductor device structures comprising crystalline PCMO
15 8,377,281 Methods and apparatus for sorting and/or depositing nanotubes
16 8,375,890 Apparatus and methods for capacitively coupled plasma vapor processing of semiconductor wafers