Micron patents granted on 19 January 2016

10 US patents granted on 19 January 2016 and assigned to Micron

1 9,240,548 Memory arrays and methods of forming an array of memory cells
2 9,240,547 Magnetic tunnel junctions and methods of forming magnetic tunnel junctions
3 9,240,496 Semiconductor device with floating gate and electrically floating body
4 9,240,495 Methods of forming nanoscale floating gate
5 9,240,477 Transistor-containing constructions and memory arrays
6 9,240,385 Packaged microelectronic devices and methods for manufacturing packaged microelectronic devices
7 9,240,240 Apparatus having indications of memory cell density and methods of their determination and use
8 9,239,806 Systems, devices, memory controllers, and methods for controlling memory
9 9,239,759 Switchable on-die memory error correcting engine
10 9,239,432 Photonics grating coupler and method of manufacture