Micron patents granted on 19 June 2012

13 US patents granted on 19 June 2012 and assigned to Micron

1 8,205,055 System and method for decoding commands based on command signals and operating state
2 8,203,901 Configurable bandwidth memory devices and methods
3 8,203,900 Data serializers, output buffers, memory devices and methods of serializing
4 8,203,886 Memory device reference cell programming method and apparatus
5 8,203,876 Reducing effects of erase disturb in a memory device
6 8,203,866 Capacitor-less memory cell, device, system and method of making same
7 8,203,695 Photolithography systems and associated methods of focus correction
8 8,203,213 Methods for packaging microelectronic devices and microelectronic devices formed using such methods
9 8,203,179 Device having complex oxide nanodots
10 8,203,134 Memory devices with enhanced isolation of memory cells, systems including same and methods of forming same
11 8,202,806 Method to avoid threshold voltage shift in thicker dielectric films
12 8,202,804 Methods of making self-aligned nano-structures
13 8,202,754 Packaged microelectronic devices recessed in support member cavities, and associated methods