Micron patents granted on 19 October 2010

19 US patents granted on 19 October 2010 and assigned to Micron

1 7,818,710 Method and system for lithographic simulation and verification
2 7,818,638 Systems and devices including memory with built-in self test and methods of making and using the same
3 7,818,611 Memory device internal parameter reliability
4 7,818,601 Method and apparatus for data transfer
5 7,818,027 Portable terminal and apparatus and method for driving the same
6 7,817,874 Image sensor occlusion localization and correction apparatus, systems, and methods
7 7,817,483 Memory device having terminals for transferring multiple types of data
8 7,817,478 Erase degradation reduction in non-volatile memory
9 7,817,467 Memory controller self-calibration for removing systemic influence
10 7,817,454 Variable resistance memory with lattice array using enclosing transistors
11 7,817,073 Integrators for delta-sigma modulators
12 7,816,973 Devices and methods for reducing effects of device mismatch in temperature sensor circuits
13 7,816,934 Reconfigurable connections for stacked semiconductor devices
14 7,816,778 Packaged IC device comprising an embedded flex circuit on leadframe, and methods of making same
15 7,816,262 Method and algorithm for random half pitched interconnect layout with constant spacing
16 7,816,246 Methods of making semiconductor fuses
17 7,816,216 Semiconductor device comprising transistor structures and methods for forming same
18 7,815,464 Storage device having a memory module, cover, and light-transmission elements
19 7,814,650 Process of fabricating microelectronic structures