Micron patents granted on 20 August 2013

20 US patents granted on 20 August 2013 and assigned to Micron

1 8,516,194 Systems and methods for caching data with a nonvolatile memory cache
2 8,516,181 Memory devices having data flow pipelining
3 8,514,649 Power source and power source control circuit
4 8,514,629 Method for memory cell erasure with a programming monitor of reference cells
5 8,514,626 Memory cells and methods of storing information
6 8,514,624 In-field block retiring
7 8,514,620 Memory devices having select gates with P type bodies, memory strings having separate source lines and methods
8 8,513,807 Semiconductor devices including a ruthenium film
9 8,513,797 Stacked semiconductor component having through wire interconnect (TWI) with compressed wire
10 8,513,722 Floating body cell structures, devices including same, and methods for forming same
11 8,513,576 Dual resistance heater for phase change devices and manufacturing method thereof
12 8,513,359 Crosslinkable graft polymer non preferentially wetted by polystyrene and polyethylene oxide
13 8,513,135 Methods of modifying oxide spacers
14 8,513,113 Methods of forming semiconductor constructions and assemblies
15 8,513,086 Methods for etching doped oxides in the manufacture of microfeature devices
16 8,513,064 Methods of forming memory arrays
17 8,512,938 Methods of forming a pattern in a material and methods of forming openings in a material to be patterned
18 8,512,846 Two-dimensional arrays of holes with sub-lithographic diameters formed by block copolymer self-assembly
19 8,512,587 Highly selective doped oxide etchant
20 8,512,582 Methods of patterning a substrate