Micron patents granted on 20 January 2015

12 US patents granted on 20 January 2015 and assigned to Micron

1 8,938,657 Data and error correction code mixing device and method
2 8,938,630 Apparatus power control
3 8,938,590 Indirect register access method and system
4 8,938,376 Simulating the transmission and simultaneous switching output noise of signals in a computer system
5 8,937,839 Data paths using a first signal to capture data and a second signal to output data and methods for providing data
6 8,937,836 Line voltage boost system and method for non-volatile memory devices and memory devices and processor-based system using same
7 8,937,309 Semiconductor die assemblies, semiconductor devices including same, and methods of fabrication
8 8,937,290 Memory cells
9 8,937,018 Methods of forming a pattern on a substrate
10 8,936,991 Methods of forming capacitors and semiconductor devices including a rutile titanium dioxide material
11 8,936,953 Light emitting diode thermally enhanced cavity package and method of manufacture
12 8,936,702 System and method for sputtering a tensile silicon nitride film