Micron patents granted on 20 October 2009

23 US patents granted on 20 October 2009 and assigned to Micron

1 7,607,177 Secure compact flash
2 7,606,448 Zinc oxide diodes for optical interconnections
3 7,606,102 Memory address repair without enable fuses
4 7,606,101 Circuit and method for controlling a clock synchronizing circuit for low power refresh operation
5 7,606,097 Array sense amplifiers, memory devices and systems including same, and methods of operation
6 7,606,088 Sense amplifier circuit
7 7,606,075 Read operation for NAND memory
8 7,606,055 Memory architecture and cell design employing two access transistors
9 7,605,934 Method and system for facsimile delivery using dial-up modem pools
10 7,605,852 Real-time exposure control for automatic light control
11 7,605,650 Switched capacitor amplifier with higher gain and improved closed-loop gain accuracy
12 7,605,631 Delay line synchronizer apparatus and method
13 7,605,620 System and method to improve the efficiency of synchronous mirror delays and delay locked loops
14 7,605,611 Methods, devices, and systems for a high voltage tolerant buffer
15 7,605,417 Assemblies comprising magnetic elements and magnetic barrier or shielding at least partially around the magnetic elements
16 7,605,350 System for two-step resist soft bake to prevent ILD outgassing during semiconductor processing
17 7,605,034 Integrated circuit memory cells and methods of forming
18 7,605,033 Low resistance peripheral local interconnect contacts with selective wet strip of titanium
19 7,605,030 Hafnium tantalum oxynitride high-k dielectric and metal gates
20 7,605,028 Method of forming a memory device having a storage transistor
21 7,604,729 Methods and apparatus for selectively removing conductive material from a microelectronic substrate
22 7,604,527 Methods and systems for planarizing workpieces, e.g., microelectronic workpieces
23 7,603,772 Methods of fabricating substrates including one or more conductive vias