Micron patents granted on 20 October 2015

24 US patents granted on 20 October 2015 and assigned to Micron

1 9,166,625 Circuits, integrated circuits, and methods for interleaved parity computation
2 9,166,579 Methods and apparatuses for shifting data signals to match command signal delay
3 9,166,159 Semiconductor constructions and methods of forming memory cells
4 9,166,158 Apparatuses including electrodes having a conductive barrier material and methods of forming same
5 9,166,156 Memory cells, methods of forming memory cells and methods of forming memory arrays
6 9,166,107 Solid state lighting devices with selected thermal expansion and/or surface characteristics, and associated methods
7 9,165,937 Semiconductor devices including stair step structures, and related methods
8 9,165,910 Microelectronic die packages with metal leads, including metal leads for stacked die packages, and associated systems and methods
9 9,165,888 Interconnect structures for stacked dies, including penetrating structures for through-silicon vias, and associated systems and methods
10 9,165,688 Apparatuses, systems, devices, and methods of replacing at least partially non-functional portions of memory
11 9,165,681 Applying a voltage-delay correction to a non-defective memory block that replaces a defective memory block based on the actual location of the non-defective memory block
12 9,165,666 Charge pump apparatus, a memory integrated circuit and methods of power supply
13 9,165,664 Sensing operations in a memory device
14 9,165,658 Disturb verify for programming memory cells
15 9,165,653 Determining sector status in a memory device
16 9,165,627 Spin torque transfer memory cell structures and methods
17 9,164,945 Devices, systems, and methods to synchronize parallel processing of a single data stream
18 9,164,940 Methods and systems to accomplish variable width data input
19 9,164,937 Apparatus and method for data bypass for a bi-directional data bus in a hub-based memory sub-system
20 9,164,894 Staggered programming for resistive memories
21 9,164,829 Read bias management to reduce read errors for phase change memory
22 9,164,701 Logical address translation
23 9,164,698 Memory having internal processors and methods of controlling memory access
24 9,164,040 Method and apparatus providing analytical device and operating method based on solid state image sensor