Micron patents granted on 20 September 2016

19 US patents granted on 20 September 2016 and assigned to Micron

1 9,450,152 Solid state transducer dies having reflective features over contacts and associated systems and methods
2 9,450,067 Semiconductor devices comprising aluminum oxide
3 9,450,024 Field effect transistor constructions and memory arrays
4 9,449,978 Semiconductor devices including a recessed access device and methods of forming same
5 9,449,940 Methods and structures for processing semiconductor devices using polymeric materials and adhesives
6 9,449,906 Devices, systems, and methods related to forming through-substrate vias with sacrificial plugs
7 9,449,692 Functional data programming and reading in a memory
8 9,449,687 Sense circuits, memory devices, and related methods for resistance variable memory
9 9,449,683 Memory cells having a plurality of resistance variable materials
10 9,449,675 Apparatuses and methods for identifying an extremum value stored in an array of memory cells
11 9,449,674 Performing logical operations using sensing circuitry
12 9,449,664 Quantizing circuits having improved sensing
13 9,449,659 Multiple data channel memory module architecture
14 9,449,657 Low voltage sensing scheme having reduced active power down standby current
15 9,449,652 Systems and devices including multi-transistor cells and methods of using, making, and operating the same
16 9,448,965 Receiving data streams in parallel and providing a first portion of data to a first state machine engine and a second portion to a second state machine
17 9,448,938 Cache coherence protocol for persistent memories
18 9,448,884 Apparatuses and methods for encoding using error protection codes
19 9,446,251 Handheld treatment device