Micron patents granted on 21 August 2007

28 US patents granted on 21 August 2007 and assigned to Micron

1 7,260,685 Memory hub and access method having internal prefetch buffers
2 7,260,125 Method of forming mirrors by surface transformation of empty spaces in solid state materials
3 7,260,015 Memory device and method having multiple internal data buses and memory bank interleaving
4 7,259,996 Flash memory
5 7,259,991 Operation of multiple select gate architecture
6 7,259,915 Microlens array sheet
7 7,259,608 System and method for open-loop synthesis of output clock signals having a selected phase relative to an input clock signal
8 7,259,604 Initialization scheme for a reduced-frequency, fifty percent duty cycle corrector
9 7,259,601 Apparatus and method for suppressing jitter within a clock signal generator
10 7,259,581 Method for testing semiconductor components
11 7,259,578 System for testing semiconductor components having interconnect with variable flexure contacts
12 7,259,464 Vertical twist scheme for high-density DRAMs
13 7,259,451 Invertible microfeature device packages
14 7,259,450 Double-packaged multi-chip semiconductor module
15 7,259,442 Selectively doped trench device isolation
16 7,259,435 Intermediate semiconductor device having nitrogen concentration profile
17 7,259,434 Highly reliable amorphous high-k gate oxide ZrO2
18 7,259,415 Long retention time single transistor vertical memory gain cell
19 7,259,413 High dynamic range image sensor
20 7,259,093 Methods of forming a conductive contact through a dielectric
21 7,259,079 Methods for filling high aspect ratio trenches in semiconductor layers
22 7,259,066 One-transistor composite-gate memory
23 7,259,064 Forming integrated circuit devices
24 7,258,954 Method to recover the exposure sensitivity of chemically amplified resins from post coat delay effect
25 7,258,895 Methods of forming material on a substrate, and a method of forming a field effect transistor gate oxide on a substrate
26 7,258,892 Methods and systems for controlling temperature during microfeature workpiece processing, e.g., CVD deposition
27 7,258,596 Systems and methods for monitoring characteristics of a polishing pad used in polishing micro-device workpieces
28 7,257,884 Method for fabricating semiconductor component with adjustment circuitry for electrical characteristics or input/output configuration