Micron patents granted on 21 December 2010

14 US patents granted on 21 December 2010 and assigned to Micron

1 7,855,931 Memory system and method using stacked memory device dice, and system using the memory system
2 7,855,928 System and method for controlling timing of output signals
3 7,855,927 NAND system with a data write frequency greater than a command-and-address-load frequency
4 7,855,922 Memory device bit line sensing system and method that compensates for bit line resistance variations
5 7,855,913 Dynamically configurable MLC state assignment
6 7,855,585 Local coarse delay units
7 7,855,462 Packaged semiconductor assemblies and methods for manufacturing such assemblies
8 7,855,454 Semiconductor device structures including nickel plated aluminum, copper, and tungsten structures
9 7,855,341 Methods and apparatus for a flexible circuit interposer
10 7,855,154 Methods of forming intermediate semiconductor device structures using spin-on, photopatternable, interlayer dielectric materials
11 7,855,148 Methods of isolating array features during pitch doubling processes and semiconductor device structures having isolated array features
12 7,855,140 Method of forming vias in semiconductor substrates and resulting structures
13 7,855,085 System and method for reducing shorting in memory cells
14 7,854,644 Systems and methods for removing microfeature workpiece surface defects