Micron patents granted on 21 July 2009

17 US patents granted on 21 July 2009 and assigned to Micron

1 7,565,587 Background block erase check for flash memories
2 7,565,039 Resistive heater for thermo optic device
3 7,564,733 Memory device and method having programmable address configurations
4 7,564,731 Software refreshed memory device and method
5 7,564,722 Memory system and method having volatile and non-volatile memory devices at same hierarchical level
6 7,564,721 Method and apparatus for improving storage performance using a background erase
7 7,564,397 High slew rate amplifier, analog-to-digital converter using same, CMOS imager using the analog-to-digital converter and related methods
8 7,564,279 Power on reset circuitry in electronic systems
9 7,564,088 High-density single transistor vertical memory gain cell
10 7,564,087 Merged MOS-bipolar capacitor memory cell
11 7,564,082 Gettering using voids formed by surface transformation
12 7,563,730 Hafnium lanthanide oxynitride films
13 7,563,723 Critical dimension control for integrated circuits
14 7,563,679 Reduction of field edge thinning in peripheral devices
15 7,563,666 Semiconductor structures including vertical diode structures and methods of making the same
16 7,563,631 Reduced barrier photodiode / gate device structure for high efficiency charge transfer and reduced lag and method of formation
17 7,563,157 Apparatus for conditioning chemical-mechanical polishing pads