Micron patents granted on 21 March 2006

25 US patents granted on 21 March 2006 and assigned to Micron

1 7,017,022 Processing memory requests in a pipelined memory controller
2 7,016,451 Method and apparatus for generating a phase dependent control signal
3 7,016,254 Synchronous flash memory with virtual segment architecture
4 7,016,252 High speed low voltage driver
5 7,016,250 Voltage regulator and data path for a memory device
6 7,016,210 Longest match detection in a CAM
7 7,015,844 Minimized SAR-type column-wide ADC for image sensors
8 7,015,559 Method and system for electrically coupling a chip to chip package
9 7,015,533 Capacitor constructions, semiconductor constructions, and methods of forming electrical contacts and semiconductor constructions
10 7,015,532 Capacitor compatible with high dielectric constant materials having a low contact resistance layer and the method for forming same
11 7,015,530 Electronic systems comprising memory devices
12 7,015,529 Localized masking for semiconductor structure development
13 7,015,528 Reduced aspect ratio digit line contact process flow used during the formation of a semiconductor device
14 7,015,527 Metal oxynitride capacitor barrier layer
15 7,015,525 Folded bit line DRAM with vertical ultra thin body transistors
16 7,015,494 Assemblies displaying differential negative resistance
17 7,015,448 Dark current reduction circuitry for CMOS active pixel sensors
18 7,015,151 Transistor fabrication methods comprising selective wet oxidation
19 7,015,113 Methods of forming trench isolation regions
20 7,015,111 Use of selective oxidation to form asymmetrical oxide features during the manufacture of a semiconductor device
21 7,015,098 Methods and structure for an improved floating gate memory cell
22 7,015,063 Methods of utilizing a back to back semiconductor device module
23 7,014,537 Method of processing a semiconductor substrate
24 7,014,535 Carrier head having low-friction coating and planarizing machine using same
25 7,013,559 Method of fabricating a semiconductor device package