Micron patents granted on 21 October 2014

14 US patents granted on 21 October 2014 and assigned to Micron

1 8,869,005 Error correction in a stacked memory
2 8,868,991 Memory devices, testing systems and methods
3 8,867,290 Apparatuses, integrated circuits, and methods for measuring leakage current
4 8,867,276 Memory device having three-dimensional gate structure
5 8,867,267 Memory devices, memory device constructions, constructions, memory device forming methods, current conducting devices, and memory cell programming methods
6 8,867,261 Memcapacitor devices, field effect transistor devices, and, non-volatile memory arrays
7 8,866,272 Packaged microelectronic devices and methods for manufacturing packaged microelectronic devices
8 8,866,254 Devices including fin transistors robust to gate shorts and methods of making the same
9 8,866,209 Semiconductor cells, arrays, devices and systems having a buried conductive line and methods for forming the same
10 8,865,598 Method for positioning spacers in pitch multiplication
11 8,865,559 Capacitors and methods with praseodymium oxide insulators
12 8,865,544 Methods of forming capacitors
13 8,865,514 Post deposition adjustment of chalcogenide composition in chalcogenide containing semiconductors
14 8,865,495 Solid state lighting devices grown on semi-polar facets and associated methods of manufacturing