Micron patents granted on 22 August 2006

41 US patents granted on 22 August 2006 and assigned to Micron

1 7,096,452 Method and device for checking lithography data
2 7,096,446 Hierarchical semiconductor design
3 7,096,370 Data security for digital data storage
4 7,096,304 Apparatus and method for managing voltage buses
5 7,096,283 Synchronous flash memory with status burst output
6 7,095,885 Method for measuring registration of overlapping material layers of an integrated circuit
7 7,095,667 Noise resistant small signal sensing circuit for a memory device
8 7,095,660 Sending signal through integrated circuit during setup time
9 7,095,658 Flash memory data bus for synchronous burst read page
10 7,095,653 Common wordline flash array architecture
11 7,095,440 Photodiode-type pixel for global electronic shutter and reduced lag
12 7,095,261 Clock capture in clock synchronization circuitry
13 7,095,242 In-tray burn-in board, device and test assembly for testing integrated circuit devices in situ on processing trays
14 7,095,122 Reduced-dimension microelectronic component assemblies with wire bonds and methods of making same
15 7,095,115 Circuit substrates, semiconductor packages, and ball grid arrays
16 7,095,106 Collars, support structures, and forms for protruding conductive structures
17 7,095,097 Integrated circuit device having reduced bow and method for making same
18 7,095,095 Semiconductor constructions
19 7,095,088 System and device including a barrier layer
20 7,095,083 Methods for making semiconductor structures having high-speed areas and high-density areas
21 7,095,075 Apparatus and method for split transistor memory having improved endurance
22 7,094,700 Plasma etching methods and methods of forming memory devices comprising a chalcogenide comprising layer received operably proximate conductive electrodes
23 7,094,699 Etch aided by electrically shorting upper and lower sidewall portions during the formation of a semiconductor device
24 7,094,695 Apparatus and method for conditioning a polishing pad used for mechanical and/or chemical-mechanical planarization
25 7,094,690 Deposition methods and apparatuses providing surface activation
26 7,094,682 Coating of copper and silver air bridge structures to improve electromigration resistance and other applications
27 7,094,673 Etch stop layer in poly-metal structures
28 7,094,657 Method for protecting against oxidation of a conductive layer in said device
29 7,094,636 Method of forming a conductive line
30 7,094,631 Methods for designing bond pad rerouting elements for use in stacked semiconductor device assemblies and for assembling semiconductor devices
31 7,094,628 Underfill compounds including electrically charged filler elements, microelectronic devices having underfill compounds including electrically charged filler elements, and methods of underfilling microelectronic devices
32 7,094,618 Methods for marking a packaged semiconductor die including applying tape and subsequently marking the tape
33 7,094,131 Microelectronic substrate having conductive material with blunt cornered apertures, and associated methods for removing conductive material
34 7,094,117 Electrical contacts with dielectric cores
35 7,094,108 Apparatus for forming modular sockets using flexible interconnects and resulting structures
36 7,094,065 Device for establishing non-permanent electrical connection between an integrated circuit device lead element and a substrate
37 7,094,046 Mold assembly for a package stack via bottom-leaded plastic (BLP) packaging
38 7,093,704 Printed circuit board support
39 7,093,622 Apparatus for deforming resilient contact structures on semiconductor components
40 7,093,559 Method for PECVD deposition of selected material films
41 7,093,358 Method for fabricating an interposer