Micron patents granted on 22 February 2011

15 US patents granted on 22 February 2011 and assigned to Micron

1 7,895,485 System and method for testing a packetized memory device
2 7,895,479 System and method for initializing a memory system, and memory device and processor-based system using same
3 7,894,289 Memory system and method using partial ECC to achieve low power refresh and fast access to data
4 7,894,286 Array sense amplifiers, memory devices and systems including same, and methods of operation
5 7,894,285 Circuits, systems, and methods for reducing simultaneous switching output noise, power noise, or combinations thereof
6 7,894,271 Sensing of memory cells in a solid state memory device by fixed discharge of a bit line
7 7,894,264 Controlling a memory device responsive to degradation
8 7,892,978 Electron induced chemical etching for device level diagnosis
9 7,892,972 Methods for fabricating and filling conductive vias and conductive vias so formed
10 7,892,964 Vapor deposition methods for forming a metal-containing layer on a substrate
11 7,892,943 Isolation trenches for memory devices
12 7,892,942 Methods of forming semiconductor constructions, and methods of forming isolation regions
13 7,892,941 Technique for forming shallow trench isolation structure without corner exposure
14 7,892,937 Methods of forming capacitors
15 7,892,921 Flash memory device having a graded composition, high dielectric constant gate insulator