Micron patents granted on 22 March 2011

19 US patents granted on 22 March 2011 and assigned to Micron

1 7,913,062 Method of rotating data in a plurality of processing elements
2 7,913,035 Method and apparatus for address FIFO for high bandwidth command/address busses in digital storage system
3 7,913,033 Non-volatile memory device having assignable network identification
4 7,911,872 Column/row redundancy architecture using latches programmed from a look up table
5 7,911,865 Temperature compensation of memory signals using digital signals
6 7,911,837 Multi-state memory cell with asymmetric charge trapping
7 7,911,819 Apparatus and methods for a physical layout of simultaneously sub-accessible memory modules
8 7,911,245 Multi-phase signal generator and method
9 7,910,972 Memory array with ultra-thin etched pillar surround gate access transistors and buried data/bit lines
10 7,910,971 Methods of forming vertical field effect transistors, vertical field effect transistors, and dram cells
11 7,910,905 Self-aligned, planar phase change memory elements and devices
12 7,910,660 Zwitterionic block copolymers and methods
13 7,910,487 Reverse masking profile improvements in high aspect ratio etch
14 7,910,483 Trim process for critical dimension control for integrated circuits
15 7,910,426 Pixel and imager device having high-k dielectrics in isolation structures
16 7,910,397 Small electrode for resistance variable devices
17 7,910,385 Method of fabricating microelectronic devices
18 7,910,288 Mask material conversion
19 7,910,270 Reticle constructions