Micron patents granted on 22 March 2016

21 US patents granted on 22 March 2016 and assigned to Micron

1 9,294,105 Delay line off-state control with power reduction
2 9,294,095 Apparatuses and methods for input buffer having combined output
3 9,294,072 Semiconductor device and method for adjusting impedance of output circuit
4 9,293,678 Solid-state light emitters having substrates with thermal and electrical conductivity enhancements and method of manufacture
5 9,293,639 Vertical solid-state transducers and high voltage solid-state transducers having buried contacts and associated systems and methods
6 9,293,638 Self-identifying solid-state transducer modules and associated systems and methods
7 9,293,367 Conductive interconnect structures and formation methods using supercritical fluids
8 9,293,342 Patterned bases, and patterning methods
9 9,293,328 Semiconductor device structures comprising a polymer bonded to a base material and methods of fabrication
10 9,293,319 Removal of metal
11 9,293,214 Determining and using soft data in memory devices and systems
12 9,293,213 Sensing data stored in memory
13 9,293,196 Memory cells, memory systems, and memory programming methods
14 9,293,191 Apparatuses and methods for multi-memory array accesses
15 9,293,185 Apparatus including a capacitor-less memory cell and related methods
16 9,293,176 Power management
17 9,293,170 Configurable bandwidth memory devices and methods
18 9,292,383 Multilevel encoding with error correction
19 9,292,382 Codewords that span pages of memory
20 9,291,907 Methods for forming resist features and arrays of aligned, elongate resist features
21 9,290,857 Methods and apparatus for sorting and/or depositing nanotubes