Micron patents granted on 22 May 2012

18 US patents granted on 22 May 2012 and assigned to Micron

1 8,184,492 Tri-state driver circuits having automatic high-impedance enabling
2 8,184,489 Level shifting circuit
3 8,184,487 Modified read operation for non-volatile memory
4 8,184,481 Memory devices and methods of their operation including selective compaction verify operations
5 8,184,469 Stored multi-bit data characterized by multiple-dimensional memory states
6 8,184,264 Calibration methods and devices useful in semiconductor photolithography
7 8,184,188 Methods and apparatus for high dynamic operation of a pixel cell
8 8,183,901 Delay locked loop circuit and method
9 8,183,880 Devices and methods for driving a signal off an integrated circuit
10 8,183,625 NROM flash memory devices on ultrathin silicon
11 8,183,615 Memory cell with a vertically oriented transistor coupled to a digit line and method of forming the same
12 8,183,515 Pumps for CMOS imagers
13 8,183,157 Method of forming capacitors, and methods of utilizing silicon dioxide-containing masking structures
14 8,183,154 Selective metal deposition over dielectric layers
15 8,183,151 Methods of forming conductive vias through substrates, and structures and assemblies resulting therefrom
16 8,183,138 Methods for forming nanodots and/or a patterned material during the formation of a semiconductor device
17 8,183,110 Memory cells, methods of forming dielectric materials, and methods of forming memory cells
18 8,183,085 High rate selective polymer growth on a substrate