Micron patents granted on 22 September 2009

17 US patents granted on 22 September 2009 and assigned to Micron

1 7,594,257 Data security for digital data storage
2 7,594,088 System and method for an asynchronous data buffer having buffer write and read pointers
3 7,593,287 READ command triggered synchronization circuitry
4 7,593,286 Write latency tracking using a delay lock loop in a synchronous DRAM
5 7,593,272 Detection of row-to-row shorts and other row decode defects in memory devices
6 7,593,254 Variable resistance memory device with an interfacial adhesion heating layer, systems using the same and methods of forming the same
7 7,592,691 High density stacked die assemblies, structures incorporated therein and methods of fabricating the assemblies
8 7,592,251 Hafnium tantalum titanium oxide films
9 7,592,246 Method and semiconductor device having copper interconnect for bonding
10 7,592,242 Apparatus and method for controlling diffusion
11 7,592,218 Methods of forming vertical transistors
12 7,592,212 Methods for determining a dose of an impurity implanted in a semiconductor substrate
13 7,592,107 Polarized reticle, photolithography system, and method of fabricating a polarized reticle
14 7,592,105 Methods for converting reticle configurations and methods for modifying reticles
15 7,591,959 Etchants and etchant systems with plural etch selectivities
16 7,591,069 Methods of bonding solder balls to bond pads on a substrate, and bonding frames
17 7,591,061 Method for securing a subpad to a subpad support