Micron patents granted on 23 August 2016

13 US patents granted on 23 August 2016 and assigned to Micron

1 9,426,384 Method, apparatus, and system providing an imager with pixels having extended dynamic range
2 9,425,390 Select device for memory cell applications
3 9,425,190 Techniques for providing a direct injection semiconductor memory device
4 9,425,177 Method of manufacturing semiconductor device including grinding semiconductor wafer
5 9,425,133 Integrated circuits and methods of forming conductive lines and conductive pads therefor
6 9,424,938 Reduced voltage nonvolatile flash memory
7 9,424,920 Memory cells, methods of forming memory cells, and methods of programming memory cells
8 9,424,907 Semiconductor device suppressing BTI deterioration
9 9,424,899 Apparatuses and methods for providing active and inactive clock signals to a command path circuit
10 9,424,891 Methods and devices for temperature sensing of a memory device
11 9,424,222 Apparatuses and methods for charge sharing across data buses based on respective levels of a data buses
12 9,423,969 Sensing operations in a memory device
13 9,423,960 Methods of operating memory devices within a communication protocol standard timeout requirement