Micron patents granted on 23 January 2007

31 US patents granted on 23 January 2007 and assigned to Micron

1 7,168,027 Dynamic synchronization of data capture on an optical or other high speed communications link
2 7,168,018 Apparatus and method for reducing test resources in testing DRAMs
3 7,168,013 Memory with element redundancy
4 7,167,408 Circuitry for a programmable element
5 7,167,401 Low power chip select (CS) latency option
6 7,167,400 Apparatus and method for improving dynamic refresh in a memory device
7 7,167,399 Flash memory device with a variable erase pulse
8 7,167,396 Erase verify for nonvolatile memory using reference current-to-voltage converters
9 7,167,156 Electrowetting display
10 7,167,014 Method for testing using a universal wafer carrier for wafer level die burn-in
11 7,167,012 Universal wafer carrier for wafer level die burn-in
12 7,167,010 Pin-in elastomer electrical contactor and methods and processes for making and using the same
13 7,166,925 Semiconductor devices having stereolithographically fabricated protective layers thereon through which contact pads are exposed and assemblies including the same
14 7,166,918 Semiconductor package assembly and method for electrically isolating modules
15 7,166,915 Multi-chip module system
16 7,166,896 Cross diffusion barrier layer in polysilicon
17 7,166,888 Scalable high density non-volatile memory cells in a contactless memory array
18 7,166,886 DRAM cells with repressed floating gate memory, low tunnel barrier interpoly insulators
19 7,166,885 Semiconductor devices
20 7,166,883 Capacitor structures
21 7,166,879 Photogate for use in an imaging device
22 7,166,875 Vertical diode structures
23 7,166,543 Methods for forming an enriched metal oxide surface for use in a semiconductor device
24 7,166,539 Wet etching method of removing silicon from a substrate
25 7,166,527 Etch stop layer in poly-metal structures
26 7,166,509 Write once read only memory with large work function floating gates
27 7,166,495 Method of fabricating a multi-die semiconductor package assembly
28 7,166,479 Methods of forming magnetic shielding for a thin-film memory element
29 7,166,252 Method for reducing warpage during application and curing of encapsulant materials on a printed circuit board
30 7,166,247 Foamed mechanical planarization pads made with supercritical fluid
31 7,165,322 Process of forming socket contacts