Micron patents granted on 23 June 2015

28 US patents granted on 23 June 2015 and assigned to Micron

1 9,065,654 Parallel encryption/decryption
2 9,065,483 Determining soft data using a classification code
3 9,065,456 Semiconductor device having DLL circuit
4 9,065,442 Adjustable data drivers and methods for driving data signals
5 9,065,048 Methods of forming germanium-antimony-tellurium materials and chalcogenide materials
6 9,065,047 Mixed valent oxide memory and method
7 9,064,984 Semiconductor devices and methods for forming patterned radiation blocking on a semiconductor device
8 9,064,973 Die attached to a support member by a plurality of adhesive members
9 9,064,970 Memory including blocking dielectric in etch stop tier
10 9,064,935 Methods of forming a plurality of conductive lines in the fabrication of integrated circuitry, methods of forming an array of conductive lines, and integrated circuitry
11 9,064,793 Encapsulated phase change cell structures and methods
12 9,064,730 Techniques for forming a contact to a buried diffusion layer in a semiconductor memory device
13 9,064,728 Method and apparatus for fabricating a memory device with a dielectric etch stop layer
14 9,064,692 DRAM cells and methods of forming silicon dioxide
15 9,064,600 Memory controller method and system compensating for memory cell data losses
16 9,064,587 Memory address repair without enable fuses
17 9,064,578 Enable/disable of memory chunks during memory access
18 9,064,577 Apparatuses and methods to control body potential in memory operations
19 9,064,576 Apparatuses and methods for transposing select gates
20 9,064,575 Determining whether a memory cell state is in a valley between adjacent data states
21 9,064,572 Multilevel phase change memory operation
22 9,064,566 Apparatuses and methods including supply current in memory
23 9,064,565 Phase change memory device
24 9,064,551 Apparatuses and methods for coupling load current to a common source
25 9,063,875 Error recovery storage along a memory string
26 9,063,846 Devices and methods for operating a solid state drive
27 9,063,532 Instruction insertion in state machine engines
28 9,061,297 Device for controlling placement of nanoparticles