Micron patents granted on 23 March 2010

24 US patents granted on 23 March 2010 and assigned to Micron

1 7,684,276 Techniques for configuring memory systems using accurate operating parameters
2 7,684,266 Serial system for blowing antifuses
3 7,684,243 Reducing read failure in a memory device
4 7,684,237 Reading non-volatile multilevel memory cells
5 7,684,235 Phase change memory
6 7,684,228 Device and method for using dynamic cell plate sensing in a DRAM memory cell
7 7,684,227 Resistive memory architectures with multiple memory cells per access device
8 7,683,671 Method, apparatus, and system providing power supply independent imager output driver having a constant slew rate
9 7,683,481 Bottom electrode for memory device and method of forming the same
10 7,683,458 Through-wafer interconnects for photoimager and memory wafers
11 7,683,456 Semiconductor devices, capacitor antifuses, dynamic random access memories, and cell plate bias connection methods
12 7,683,424 Ballistic direct injection NROM cell on strained silicon structures
13 7,683,413 Double sided container capacitor for a semiconductor device
14 7,683,306 Dual conversion gain gate and capacitor combination
15 7,683,022 Methods of removing metal-containing materials
16 7,683,021 Methods of removing metal-containing materials
17 7,683,020 Methods of removing metal-containing materials
18 7,683,001 Dielectric layers and memory cells including metal-doped alumina
19 7,682,992 Resistance variable memory with temperature tolerant materials
20 7,682,977 Methods of forming trench isolation and methods of forming arrays of FLASH memory cells
21 7,682,962 Method for fabricating stacked semiconductor components with through wire interconnects
22 7,682,924 Methods of forming a plurality of capacitors
23 7,682,869 Method of packaging integrated circuit devices using preformed carrier
24 7,682,847 Method for sorting integrated circuit devices