Micron patents granted on 23 November 2010

13 US patents granted on 23 November 2010 and assigned to Micron

1 7,840,952 Method and system for generating object code to facilitate predictive memory retrieval
2 7,839,703 Subtraction circuits and digital-to-analog converters for semiconductor devices
3 7,839,179 Balanced phase detector
4 7,838,920 Trench memory structures and operation
5 7,838,381 Stud capacitor device and fabrication method
6 7,838,362 Method of making an embedded trap direct tunnel non-volatile memory
7 7,838,360 Memory array with surrounding gate access transistors and capacitors with global and staggered local bit lines
8 7,838,183 Multi-layer, attenuated phase-shifting mask
9 7,838,178 Masks for microlithography and methods of making and using such masks
10 7,838,084 Atomic layer deposition method of depositing an oxide on a substrate
11 7,837,889 Methods of etching nanodots, methods of removing nanodots from substrates, methods of fabricating integrated circuit devices, methods of etching a layer comprising a late transition metal, and methods of removing a layer comprising a late transition metal from a substrate
12 7,837,805 Methods for treating surfaces
13 7,837,797 Systems and methods for forming niobium and/or vanadium containing layers using atomic layer deposition