Micron patents granted on 24 April 2012

18 US patents granted on 24 April 2012 and assigned to Micron

1 8,166,488 Methods of directly accessing a mass storage data device
2 8,166,268 Memory command delay balancing in a daisy-chained memory topology
3 8,164,975 Data capture system and method, and memory controllers and devices
4 8,164,959 Method and system for programming non-volatile memory cells based on programming of proximate memory cells
5 8,164,951 Method and apparatus for providing a non-volatile memory with reduced cell capacitive coupling
6 8,164,950 Reduction of punch-through disturb during programming of a memory device
7 8,164,948 Spintronic devices with integrated transistors
8 8,164,368 Power savings mode for memory systems
9 8,164,366 Locked loops, bias generators, charge pumps and methods for generating control voltages
10 8,164,081 Memory devices and formation methods
11 8,163,648 Atomic layer deposition methods
12 8,163,613 Methods of forming a plurality of capacitors
13 8,163,610 Fabrication of finned memory arrays
14 8,163,468 Method of reducing photoresist defects during fabrication of a semiconductor device
15 8,163,355 Formation of carbon-containing material
16 8,163,341 Methods of forming metal-containing structures, and methods of forming germanium-containing structures
17 8,162,540 DRAM temperature measurement system
18 8,162,227 Intelligent controller system and method for smart card memory modules