Micron patents granted on 24 February 2015

37 US patents granted on 24 February 2015 and assigned to Micron

1 8,966,409 Methods of forming a mask and methods of correcting intra-field variation across a mask design used in photolithographic processing
2 8,966,352 Memory controller supporting rate-compatible punctured codes and supporting block codes
3 8,966,335 Method for performing error corrections of digital information codified as a symbol sequence
4 8,966,231 Modifying commands
5 8,966,165 Translation layer in a solid state storage device
6 8,966,135 Methods of providing access to I/O devices
7 8,964,496 Apparatuses and methods for performing compare operations using sensing circuitry
8 8,964,494 memories and methods for repair in open digit memory architectures
9 8,964,479 Techniques for sensing a semiconductor memory device
10 8,964,474 Architecture for 3-D NAND memory
11 8,964,465 Fractional bits in memory cells
12 8,964,461 Techniques for providing a direct injection semiconductor memory device
13 8,964,448 Memory cells having a plurality of resistance variable materials
14 8,963,719 Systems and methods to selectively connect antennas to receive and backscatter radio frequency signals
15 8,963,604 Methods, apparatuses, and circuits for bimodal disable circuits
16 8,963,532 Reference current distribution
17 8,963,438 Self-identifying solid-state transducer modules and associated systems and methods
18 8,963,331 Semiconductor constructions, semiconductor processing methods, methods of forming contact pads, and methods of forming electrical connections between metal-containing layers
19 8,963,330 Circuit structures and electronic systems
20 8,963,302 Stacked packaged integrated circuit devices, and methods of making same
21 8,963,292 Semiconductor device having backside redistribution layers and method for fabricating the same
22 8,963,279 Semiconductor device isolation structures
23 8,963,220 Shallow trench isolation for a memory
24 8,963,156 Semiconductor devices including WiSX
25 8,963,121 Vertical solid-state transducers and high voltage solid-state transducers having buried contacts and associated systems and methods
26 8,962,482 Multi-layer interconnect with isolation layer
27 8,962,465 Methods of forming gated devices
28 8,962,460 Methods of selectively forming metal-doped chalcogenide materials, methods of selectively doping chalcogenide materials, and methods of forming semiconductor device structures including same
29 8,962,449 Methods for processing semiconductor devices
30 8,962,447 Bonded strained semiconductor with a desired surface orientation and conductance direction
31 8,962,446 Methods of forming oxides, methods of forming semiconductor constructions, and methods of forming isolation regions
32 8,962,445 Method of manufacture of semiconductor isolation structure
33 8,962,431 Methods of forming metal silicide-comprising material and methods of forming metal silicide-comprising contacts
34 8,962,401 Double gated 4F2 dram CHC cell and methods of fabricating the same
35 8,962,387 Methods of forming memory cells
36 8,962,384 Memory cells having heaters with angled sidewalls
37 8,959,759 Method for assembling computer modules small in thickness