Micron patents granted on 24 June 2014

25 US patents granted on 24 June 2014 and assigned to Micron

1 8,762,703 Boot partitions in memory devices and systems
2 8,762,656 Temperature alert and low rate refresh for a non-volatile memory
3 8,762,630 Apparatuses and methods of operating for memory endurance
4 8,762,629 Data conditioning to improve flash memory reliability
5 8,762,621 Logical unit operation
6 8,760,961 Write command and write data timing circuit and methods for timing the same
7 8,760,950 Digit line equilibration using access devices at the edge of sub-arrays
8 8,760,939 Memory sensing using temperature compensated initial currents
9 8,760,933 Circuits, systems, and methods for driving high and low voltages on bit lines in non-volatile memory
10 8,760,910 Arrays of vertically stacked tiers of non-volatile cross point memory cells, methods of forming arrays of vertically stacked tiers of non-volatile cross point memory cells, and methods of reading a data value stored by an array of vertically stacked tiers of non-volatile cross point memory cells
11 8,760,906 Techniques for reducing disturbance in a semiconductor memory device
12 8,760,841 High aspect ratio openings
13 8,759,980 Forming array contacts in semiconductor memories
14 8,759,969 Integrated circuit dice with edge finishing
15 8,759,944 Epitaxial silicon growth
16 8,759,915 Semiconductor field-effect transistor, memory cell and memory device
17 8,759,895 Semiconductor charge storage apparatus and methods
18 8,759,889 Systems and devices including multi-gate transistors and methods of using, making, and operating the same
19 8,759,809 Integrated circuitry comprising nonvolatile memory cells having platelike electrode and ion conductive material layer
20 8,759,807 Memory cells
21 8,759,228 Chemistry and compositions for manufacturing integrated circuits
22 8,759,170 Hafnium tantalum oxynitride dielectric
23 8,759,146 Methods of forming germanium-antimony-tellurium materials and methods of forming a semiconductor device structure including the same
24 8,759,143 Semiconductor constructions, memory arrays, methods of forming semiconductor constructions and methods of forming memory arrays
25 8,758,987 Methods of forming a reversed pattern in a substrate