Micron patents granted on 24 March 2015

24 US patents granted on 24 March 2015 and assigned to Micron

1 8,990,647 Memory devices and methods for managing error regions
2 8,990,644 Apparatus and methods of programming memory cells using adjustable charge state level(s)
3 8,990,508 Memory prefetch systems and methods
4 8,990,476 Power interrupt management
5 8,989,692 High speed, wide frequency-range, digital phase mixer and methods of operation
6 8,988,966 Circuit, system and method for controlling read latency
7 8,988,955 Apparatuses and methods for compensating for power supply sensitivities of a circuit in a clock path
8 8,988,953 Memories and methods for sharing a signal node for the receipt and provision of non-data signals
9 8,988,931 Permutational memory cells
10 8,988,926 Method, system and device for phase change memory with shunt
11 8,988,924 Method, system, and device for heating a phase change memory (PCM)cell
12 8,988,568 Biasing scheme for large format CMOS active pixel sensors
13 8,988,200 Printed label-to-RFID tag data translation apparatus and method
14 8,987,906 Method for providing electrical connections to spaced conductive lines
15 8,987,885 Packaged microdevices and methods for manufacturing packaged microdevices
16 8,987,874 Microelectronic workpieces and methods for manufacturing microelectronic devices using such workpieces
17 8,987,863 Electrical components for microelectronic devices and methods of forming the same
18 8,987,834 Methods of providing electrical isolation and semiconductor structures including same
19 8,987,806 Fortification of charge storing material in high K dielectric environments and resulting apparatuses
20 8,987,801 Memory cells having a plurality of control gates and memory cells having a control gate and a shield
21 8,987,702 Selectively conducting devices, diode constructions, constructions, and diode forming methods
22 8,987,698 Memory constructions
23 8,987,108 Methods of forming semiconductor structures including bodies of semiconductor material
24 8,987,045 Methods of forming a memory device