Micron patents granted on 24 May 2016

19 US patents granted on 24 May 2016 and assigned to Micron

1 9,350,351 Signal driver circuit having adjustable output voltage for a high logic level output signal
2 9,349,949 Horizontally oriented and vertically stacked memory cells
3 9,349,945 Memory cells, semiconductor devices, and methods of fabrication
4 9,349,803 Semiconductor graphene structures, semiconductor devices including such structures, and related methods
5 9,349,737 Passing access line structure in a memory device
6 9,349,670 Semiconductor die assemblies with heat sink and associated systems and methods
7 9,349,632 Isolation trench fill using oxide liner and nitride etch back technique with dual trench depth capability
8 9,349,491 Repair of memory devices using volatile and non-volatile memory
9 9,349,474 Apparatuses and methods for limiting string current in a memory
10 9,349,470 Memory read apparatus and methods
11 9,349,461 Applying substantially the same voltage differences across memory cells at different locations along an access line while programming
12 9,349,459 Programming memory cells using smaller step voltages for higher program levels
13 9,349,450 Memory devices and memory operational methods including single erase operation of conductive bridge memory cells
14 9,349,445 Select devices for memory cell applications
15 9,349,441 Fractional bits in memory cells
16 9,349,423 Single node power management for multiple memory devices
17 9,349,420 Apparatuses and methods for comparing a current representative of a number of failing memory cells
18 9,348,785 Flexible and expandable memory architectures
19 9,348,784 Systems and methods for managing endian mode of a device