Micron patents granted on 24 October 2006

28 US patents granted on 24 October 2006 and assigned to Micron

1 7,127,622 Memory subsystem voltage control and method
2 7,127,559 Caching of dynamic arrays
3 7,127,365 Method for identifying a defective die site
4 7,127,319 Reducing asymmetrically deposited film induced registration error
5 7,126,874 Memory system and method for strobing data, command and address signals
6 7,126,871 Circuits and methods to protect a gate dielectric antifuse
7 7,126,863 Active termination control
8 7,126,394 History-based slew rate control to reduce intersymbol interference
9 7,126,393 Delay circuit with reset-based forward path static delay
10 7,126,380 Distributed clock generator for semiconductor devices and related methods of operating semiconductor devices
11 7,126,317 Apparatus and methods for regulated voltage
12 7,126,228 Apparatus for processing semiconductor devices in a singulated form
13 7,126,224 Semiconductor substrate-based interconnection assembly for semiconductor device bearing external connection elements
14 7,126,205 Devices having improved capacitance and methods of their fabrication
15 7,126,200 Integrated circuits with contemporaneously formed array electrodes and logic interconnects
16 7,126,195 Method for forming a metallization layer
17 7,126,183 Programmable array logic or memory with p-channel devices and asymmetrical tunnel barriers
18 7,126,182 Memory circuitry
19 7,126,181 Capacitor constructions
20 7,126,179 Memory cell intermediate structure
21 7,125,815 Methods of forming a phosphorous doped silicon dioxide comprising layer
22 7,125,809 Method and material for removing etch residue from high aspect ratio contact surfaces
23 7,125,804 Etching methods and apparatus and substrate assemblies produced therewith
24 7,125,800 Methods for making nearly planar dielectric films in integrated circuits
25 7,125,781 Methods of forming capacitor devices
26 7,125,768 Method for reducing single bit data loss in a memory circuit
27 7,125,749 Varied-thickness heat sink for integrated circuit (IC) packages and method of fabricating IC packages
28 7,125,748 Methods of encapsulating selected locations of a semiconductor die assembly using a thick solder mask