Micron patents granted on 25 January 2011

14 US patents granted on 25 January 2011 and assigned to Micron

1 7,877,669 Non-volatile memory with error detection
2 7,877,612 System and method for controlling user access to an electronic device
3 7,877,530 Bus width negotiation
4 7,876,640 Control voltage tracking circuits, methods for recording a control voltage for a clock synchronization circuit and methods for setting a voltage controlled delay
5 7,876,639 Memory devices having redundant arrays for repair
6 7,876,638 Storing operational information in an array of memory cells
7 7,876,623 Program method with optimized voltage level for flash memory
8 7,876,622 Read method for MLC
9 7,876,603 Spin current generator for STT-MRAM or other spintronics applications
10 7,876,597 NAND-structured series variable-resistance material memories, processes of forming same, and methods of using same
11 7,875,912 Zr.sub.x Hf.sub.y Sn.sub.1-x-y O.sub.2 films as high k gate dielectrics
12 7,875,821 Method for sorting integrated circuit devices
13 7,875,529 Semiconductor devices
14 7,875,110 Electroless plating bath composition and method of use