Micron patents granted on 25 March 2014

33 US patents granted on 25 March 2014 and assigned to Micron

1 8,683,304 Error-correcting code and process for fast read-error correction
2 8,683,298 Error detection/correction based memory management
3 8,683,270 Signal line to indicate program-fail in memory
4 8,683,173 Logical address offset in response to detecting a memory formatting operation
5 8,683,164 Stacked-die memory systems and methods for training stacked-die memory systems
6 8,682,621 Simulating the transmission of asymmetric signals in a computer system
7 8,682,129 Photonic device and methods of formation
8 8,681,572 Row address decoding block for non-volatile memories and methods for decoding pre-decoded address information
9 8,681,566 Apparatus and methods of driving signal for reducing the leakage current
10 8,681,562 Memories and methods of programming memories
11 8,681,561 Apparatuses and methods including memory write operation
12 8,681,559 Word line voltage boost system and method for non-volatile memory devices and memory devices and processor-based system using same
13 8,681,557 Memory with correlated resistance
14 8,681,555 Strings of memory cells having string select gates, memory devices incorporating such strings, and methods of accessing and forming the same
15 8,681,547 Memory cell coupling compensation
16 8,681,531 Memory cells, methods of forming memory cells, and methods of programming memory cells
17 8,681,529 Apparatuses and operation methods associated with resistive memory cell arrays with separate select lines
18 8,681,523 Configurable bandwidth memory devices and methods
19 8,680,888 Methods and systems for routing in a state machine
20 8,680,680 Semiconductor devices including porous insulators
21 8,680,654 Interconnect structures for stacked dies, including penetrating structures for through-silicon vias, and associated systems and methods
22 8,680,650 Capacitor structures having improved area efficiency
23 8,680,634 Method and apparatus providing an imager module with a permanent carrier
24 8,680,595 Sleeve insulators and semiconductor device including the same
25 8,680,594 Semiconductor constructions and methods of forming semiconductor constructions
26 8,680,582 Circuit and method for interconnecting stacked integrated circuit dies
27 8,680,499 Memory cells
28 8,679,977 Method and apparatus providing multi-planed array memory device
29 8,679,934 Method for making a bottom electrode geometry for phase change memory
30 8,679,933 Semiconductor device fabrication methods
31 8,679,928 Methods for stressing transistor channels of a semiconductor device structure
32 8,679,914 Method of forming a chalcogenide material and methods of forming a resistive random access memory device including a chalcogenide material
33 8,677,931 High resolution printing technique