Micron patents granted on 25 October 2011

15 US patents granted on 25 October 2011 and assigned to Micron

1 8,046,646 Defective memory block identification in a memory device
2 8,046,628 Failure recovery memory devices and methods
3 8,046,542 Fault-tolerant non-volatile integrated circuit memory
4 8,045,416 Method and memory device providing reduced quantity of interconnections
5 8,045,395 Circuits, systems and methods for driving high and low voltages on bit lines in non-volatile memory
6 8,045,386 Methods and apparatus for programming a memory cell using one or more blocking memory cells
7 8,045,356 Memory modules having daisy chain wiring configurations and filters
8 8,045,040 Correction of non-uniform sensitivity in an image array
9 8,044,479 Transistors, semiconductor devices, assemblies and constructions
10 8,043,975 Silicon dioxide deposition methods using at least ozone and TEOS as deposition precursors
11 8,043,964 Method for providing electrical connections to spaced conductive lines
12 8,043,961 Method of forming a bond pad
13 8,043,944 Process for enhancing solubility and reaction rates in supercritical fluids
14 8,043,915 Pitch multiplied mask patterns for isolated features
15 8,043,911 Methods of forming semiconductor constructions