Micron patents granted on 25 October 2016

15 US patents granted on 25 October 2016 and assigned to Micron

1 9,479,361 Method and apparatus for selecting an operating mode based on a determination of the availability of internal clock signals
2 9,479,167 Apparatuses and methods for line charge sharing
3 9,479,151 Apparatuses and methods for controlling delay circuits during an idle state to reduce degradation of an electrical characteristic
4 9,478,740 Switching device structures and methods
5 9,478,735 Magnetic tunnel junctions
6 9,478,550 Arrays of vertically-oriented transistors, and memory arrays including vertically-oriented transistors
7 9,478,502 Device identification assignment and total device number detection
8 9,478,497 Single spacer process for multiplying pitch by a factor greater than two and related intermediate IC structures
9 9,478,282 State determination in resistance variable memory
10 9,478,270 Data paths using a first signal to capture data and a second signal to output data and methods for providing data
11 9,478,262 Semiconductor device including input/output circuit
12 9,477,863 Systems and methods to determine motion parameters using RFID tags
13 9,477,636 Memory having internal processors and data communication methods in memory
14 9,477,616 Devices, systems, and methods of reducing chip select
15 9,477,587 Method and apparatus for a volume management system in a non-volatile memory device