Micron patents granted on 26 August 2008

23 US patents granted on 26 August 2008 and assigned to Micron

1 7,418,526 Memory hub and method for providing memory sequencing hints
2 7,418,161 Photonic crystal-based optical elements for integrated circuits and methods therefor
3 7,418,071 Method and apparatus for generating a phase dependent control signal
4 7,417,916 Methods of reducing coupling noise between wordlines
5 7,417,901 Memory device having terminals for transferring multiple types of data
6 7,417,894 Single latch data circuit in a multiple level cell non-volatile memory device
7 7,417,893 Integrated DRAM-NVRAM multi-level memory
8 7,417,677 Lag cancellation in CMOS image sensors
9 7,417,674 Multi-magnification color image sensor
10 7,417,505 CMOS amplifiers with frequency compensating capacitors
11 7,417,478 Delay line circuit
12 7,417,325 Semiconductor component having thinned die with conductive vias configured as conductive pin terminal contacts
13 7,417,305 Electronic devices at the wafer level having front side and edge protection material and systems including the devices
14 7,417,294 Microelectronic imaging units and methods of manufacturing microelectronic imaging units
15 7,417,280 Method and apparatus for a flash memory device comprising a source local interconnect
16 7,417,272 Image sensor with improved dynamic range and method of formation
17 7,416,994 Atomic layer deposition systems and methods including metal beta-diketiminate compounds
18 7,416,958 Epitaxial semiconductor layer and method
19 7,416,943 Peripheral gate stacks and recessed array gates
20 7,416,933 Methods of enabling polysilicon gate electrodes for high-k gate dielectrics
21 7,416,913 Methods of manufacturing microelectronic imaging units with discrete standoffs
22 7,416,472 Systems for planarizing workpieces, e.g., microelectronic workpieces
23 7,416,107 Concave face wire bond capillary and method