Micron patents granted on 26 August 2014

18 US patents granted on 26 August 2014 and assigned to Micron

1 8,819,298 Command interface systems and methods
2 8,817,554 Sense amplifiers, memories, and apparatuses and methods for sensing a data state of a memory cell
3 8,817,547 Apparatuses and methods for unit identification in a master/slave memory stack
4 8,817,534 Techniques for providing a semiconductor memory device
5 8,817,522 Unipolar memory devices
6 8,817,135 Correction of cluster defects in imagers
7 8,816,738 Controlling slew rate performance across different output driver impedances
8 8,816,736 Clock signal generators having a reduced power feedback clock path and methods for generating clocks
9 8,816,494 Semiconductor device packages including thermally insulating materials and methods of making and using such semiconductor packages
10 8,816,489 Integrated circuit structures, semiconductor structures, and semiconductor die
11 8,816,405 Elevated pocket pixels, imaging devices and systems including the same and method of forming the same
12 8,816,371 Coated color-converting particles and associated devices, systems, and methods
13 8,816,316 Vertical transistor phase change memory
14 8,815,752 Methods of forming features in semiconductor device structures
15 8,815,747 Methods of forming patterns on substrates
16 8,815,704 Semiconductor substrate for photonic and electronic structures and method of manufacture
17 8,815,667 Transistors with an extension region having strips of differing conductivity type and methods of forming the same
18 8,815,497 Semiconductor constructions and methods of forming patterns